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AR-15 Standard Lower Receiver Parts Kit

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    AR15 Standard Lower Receiver Parts Kit

    Complete Kit Includes:
      Standard AR-15 Pistol Grip (Black)
        Standard Trigger Guard
        Semi Trigger
        Semi Hammer
        Semi Disconnector
        Semi Selector
        Bolt Catch Spring
        Detent Spring
        Bolt Catch Buffer
        Take Down Detent
        Bolt Catch
        Magazine Catch Spring
        Bolt Catch Roll Pin
        Magazine Catch Button
        Magazine Catch
        Front Pivot Pin
        Hammer Spring
        Trigger Spring
        Pistol Grip Screw
        Pistol Grip Lock Washer
        Selector Spring
        Detent Selector
        Hammer Pin
        Trigger Pin
        Take Down Pin
        Buffer Retainer Pin
        Buffer Retainer Spring
        Disconnector Spring


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