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We pride ourselves on product quality, honesty, integrity, and unparalleled customer service. With this philosophy, we take excellent care of every customer and help in selecting that perfect piece. We are in constant communication with our customers, striving to improve our services and products. If feedback indicates a product is not meeting our expectations of excellency we will investigate the problem, if the problem is found unsolvable, we will discontinue the product. Additionally, if you find the item you want elsewhere at a lower price, we will do our best to meet it or beat it.  

    15 SPORTS implements a "One Year Limited Warranty" for all of our products, and we continue to stand behind every item; this provides an extra level of confidence in our products, and is another reason to consider doing business with us. 

    As the product manufacturer, we have O.E.M. service which provides all of our customers with prompt service. Production is completed between 30-45 days after a sample is approved by our QC.

    15 SPORTS is a smart choice for purchasing firearms and supplies because of our competitive prices, O.E.M. capabilities, and outstanding customer care.

    We look forward to hearing from you and doing business with you.


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Josh D. 
Lower Build Kit with SOPMOD Buttstock

"I want to write a poor review because I don't want these to become popular but I won't. All parts are top of the line. I build roughly 35 ARs a year and get parts from all over and this is the best build kit without price as an object and by far the best when you factor in the price."

Dominic V.
AR-15 TPI Competition Muzzle Brake

"Designs like this cut down on updraft for at least half of the standard recoil a muzzle gives out. Just got it, torqued it on and went down range to test it. I didn't have any accurate means of gauging but it does significantly reduce the kick and got me ready for the follow up much faster. I am not so concerned about the flash though this didn't look prominent at all. Better than the standard birdcage. Compared with models and brands that cost 5 / 7 times this is a great buy."

Dale Sellers