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AR10 & AR47 Krinkov Flash Can Brake Straight Crown

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AR-10 & AR-47 Krinkov Flash Can Brake Straight Crown

Do you have a pistol that needs a little extra push and conserve back some of the gas pressure? 15sports has manufactured a muzzle brake designed to increase reliability and increasing back pressure on short barreled rifles or AR platform pistols. This muzzle brake also reduced flash by capturing the expelled flash in the funnel. Considering the design, it also provides comfort to the operator in minimizing muzzle blast and eliminating felt recoil in a short barrel. CNC machined out of a chunk of 4140 heat treated and stress relieved steel for durability and strength. This flash can has two pattern knurled (straight pattern in the crown and diamond pattern in the can) housing to provide better purchase against wall and obstacles.  Concussion pressure is directed at a 20 degree angle for great close quarter battle. This package includes a right hand twisting adapter to screw the flash can and has proprietary set screws to fasten the can securely.
 Item detail:
  • Diameter: 1 ½
  • Thread pitch: 5/8x24 adapters to the flash can with four set screws 
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
  • Length: 3.50” OAL 
  • Includes:  Cotter pin
  • Includes: Canister housing, serviceable cone and crown cap.
  • Inner cone recycles gas pressure into action for efficient cycling in SBR’s
  • Large dampening baffle cone
  • No crush washer needed.
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